How does SkyBox benefit Students?

With SkyBox, students get software needed for class at no extra cost. Students no longer have to go to a computer lab since SkyBox can be accessed whenever and wherever, saving time and money.

SkyBox Online

You can access SkyBox two different ways. To get the best experience, install SkyBox on your computer or device. Simply click the Install button above. You can also access SkyBox Online by following the directions on the “Getting Started” page . (Available for Mac, Windows, iPad, Android, & Linux. There are some limitations when using SkyBox Online.)

Need help finding which version is right for you? Visit our Help page.

How to Access SkyBox Online

SkyBox Online allows for the use of SkyBox when working on a device where SkyBox cannot be downloaded. SkyBox Online has all the same capabilities as the SkyBox Installer, but is accessed through your web browser.

To access SkyBox Online click here.